New and Antique Collectible Dolls

Mary Charles Doll House, located in beautiful, historic Mountain Brook, AL, has happily served the needs of doll collectors and enthusiasts for nearly four decades.We understand that often times, finding the perfect doll for the right person is much easier said than done! That's because in the world of antiques and specialty items, the appeal of various items is as diverse as those who collect them.

Figurines once popular in years past are oftenforgotten andfall into obscurity over time.Now rare, these items often become valuable as today's highly sought after 'must-haves' once again.What we at Mary Charles Doll House strive to do is understand our customers' wants and aggressively work to track down even the most specific item they seek. At the same time we stock a huge inventory of dolls, doll houses, and accessories so well curated thatnovice collectors and seasoned aficionados alike will be pleased with our selection. The images that follow represent only a VERY small number of the dolls we have. Give us call if there is a specific doll you are looking for. Chances are, we have it!

Vintage Dolls:

Dolls by Annette Himstedt:

Dolls by Adora:

Dolls by Madame Alexander:

Barbie Dolls:

Steiff Bears:

Collectible Figures and Figuries:

Miscellaneous Dolls:

We can't promise to have the exact American Girl Doll you need to complete your collection sitting on our shelves, but we can promise that if anyone can find her, we can. And we can certainly promise that those newer to the hobby of collecting will have stepped into the right shop when they visit us.

Our passion for the art and history of doll collection rubs off on everyone we work with (and often theirs rubs off on us, too)! Few hobbies have as rich and varied a history as doll collecting, as we are always as happy to share our knowledge of the finer points as we are to facilitate the sales that lead to the completion of your collection.

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